KNOXVILLE, TN Best Ice Cream

Premium Ice Cream!

Made Fresh On-site Daily!!

Home Made Ice Cream in Knoxville, Tennessee

Bruster’s Ice Cream is made the old-fashioned way, with slow kettle processing designed specifically to create the Bruster’s flavor. Because every generous scoop is made in-house—just a few steps from the counter where it’s served—it always tastes thick, creamy and fresh. 

We also serve artisan desserts made to order, including crunchy handmade waffle cones and bowls, customized sundaes, candy-filled blasts, ice cold freezes and thick milkshakes. 

It’s a process that simply makes Bruster’s A Scoop Above The Rest. 

Every Scoop Starts with Real Ingredients 

 Our handcrafted recipes always start with a proprietary homestyle mix delivered fresh from the dairy to each ice cream shop. We blend our ice cream with only quality cookies, candies and other sweet treats, so you get a loaded scoop of creamy, decadent goodness. 

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