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Great presentation of the ice cream, good customer service, satisfying dessert!

The portions are definitely large. (2 scoop in the waffle cone, 1 scoop in the child’s cup, and 2 scoops on the cone) And outdoor seating is provided although many ppl sat on or inside their vehicles.

The line was a little backed up but the staff moved efficiently and still handed out orders in decent time. It was worth the brief wait!

Mrs. J.

It’s been a long time since we’ve been there. It’s great that they have outdoor seating benches under the trees now. Plus Wow…They also offer non-dairy ice cream made with oat milk.
James S

Really good ice cream. Very smooth and creamy, the scoops taste almost like soft serve its that creamy. Big serving.

Christopher B

They have great ice cream flavors here, as well as friendly customer service!!! We will definitely be back again! 🙂

Master Builder's Mom

So, so, SO good! Please, PLEASE come bring these to Texas! The sherbert, ices, and freezes are just perfect! Took an uber just to try them and wasn’t disappointed! The staff was friendly too!

Benjamin Guttery

It was delicious! I got a new York cheesecake shake and I loved it. It was super creamy, it didn’t take long to get it, and it didn’t cost an awful lot. This was a small (16 Oz.) but it was so filling I almost couldn’t finish it.

Alyssa Boyle

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